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Yamane Ayano Viewfinder Wallpaper

Hello everyone

Not too sure if this has been posted before but I found a wonderful wallpaper on the All About Yamane Ayano English Site.

The wallpaper is available in various sizes until March 31st.

Click on the this link to go straight to the Desktop Accessories page.




Nitro+Chiral 2010 Christmas Wallpaper


Just thought I'd share the link to this years Nitro +Chiral Christmas wallpaper.


Well I'm off to Germay for three weeks to look for a new place to live (I'm going to live there for a few years while I finish my English degree before I try to get a teaching job un Japan). I'm going to try out this new ljapp to see how it works while I'm on the road. Let's hope it works out well - the app and the apartment hunt....

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As if I needed another reason to go back to Tokyo here is just one more thing I have to go and do:-




I finally went on facebook...

Yes I finally broke down and went on facebook.  I'm not saying that it was a bad thing to go on facebook - it's just that my group of like minded friends has always been a live journal crowd and so I've never had a need to go on to facebook.  However, now that I will be moving shortly I wanted a way to keep in touch with my work related friends who mainly seemed to be a facebook crowed.

Anyway it seems my online life is expandng - must expand the real one too or I won't have anything to post about.....




Still alive.....

After getting an email from an online friend just asking how I was and saying that they hadn't heard from me in a while I thought I'd put a quick note up here just to confirm that life still exists.  I will get back to emailing my friend but I keep having things get in the way so I thought I'd take the oppurtunity as it was thrust (or fell maybe) upon me.

I'm not doing too badly although I have just gotten of the hospital after a weeks stay due to a bad OCD attack.  I may not be totally sane now but I am good enough to be let loose out on the community in the care of my husband and two cats (who never believed that I was sane to begin with let alone now)

Anyway I am still into my anime and manga as always, check my Live journal everyday and even have had some successful time painting lately.  I need to get back to drawing, writing, my reading backlog and Little Big Planet.  Oh yeah and I think I have laundry to do.

anyway I will update more later.

see you guys.



Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas to all of you - see you after the hoidays!
Today I am sharing a swee Renji x Ichigo doujinshi called The Lives of Lovers (= Dog & Cat was caught) by candy -drop. (I think this is the name of the circle that did this doujinshi but if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me so I can rectify my mistake!) This particular doujinshi is at the request of my friend sscullys - thanks to jer for her reminders - without them this wouldn't have happened!  I plan to try to upload another doujinshi in the next few days.  If there are any doujinshi that I have you'd like to see please let me know - I've posted a few that I have on my site - just check out the doujnshi tag - and I'll be happy to try.  I also plan on posting an update to the doujinshi I have as well - to give you more choice. Anyway here it is - I've uploaded it to Mediafire but if you have problems with that host let me know and I'll try to upload it to another one.
Download from MediaFire!

Is it Friday yet?

Well it's already been a long week and it's only Wednesday - although it is Wednesday evening so I've really only got two days left of work. Still it's been tough and two days seems like forever.

I started my new medication Monday evening and it is really making me tired and drained - almost to the point where I just can't concentrate at all. I talked to the Psychiatrist and he said it was a normal reaction but to give myself time to adjust I should just stick to one pill per night instead of increasing it to two as we had planned before. It's not so bad when I get home - I can relax more and I seem to have some energy - but at work concentrating enough to do anything is almost impossible - which only leaves me time to sit and let my obsessions take over. Not good.

I've been reading a new book I got about OCD called Brain Lock and it isn't too bad although it's about OCD in general (I suffer more from Pure O as they call it) and it explains the neurochemical imbalance that causes the problem of obessive thoughts in OCD. I'm not sure if it helps knowing what causes it but I'm hoping it'll give me some good coping strategies.

Anyway on a more positive note I've completed what I call phase 1 clean up of my art/manga/sewing room which means basically it's tidy and organized enough to paint in again. I still have my fabrics and craft drawers to sort out and my books and doujinshi need organizing and updated in my librarything.com database but it's a start. I celebrated my little milestone by taking some pictures of my paintings with my new pink DSi - it's just right for taking pictures of my paintngs to store as the screen is big enough to view the painting in enough detail. I might take it to work to show some of my art off. Speaking of art, I also plan to go to Bury this weekend to visit my local art store to purchase some supplies for my next painting. I'm thinking of doing a mixed media abstract piece - not really sure what that means or how it'll turn out but at least I have a new project to go on. I also want to try to do a watercolor for my mother in law as a Christmas present as she remarked how much she really liked one of the ones I've already completed.

My book Butterflies, Flowers by Yuki Yoshihara turned up today and I've pretty much read it through and am ready for the next release. I first fell in love with her manga by reading the scanlations of Itakidakimasu and even went so far as to start to collect her books in French (in which a lot have alredy been released) just so I could have the actual books to read at home - even if my French is pretty basic. I just hope that this is the first of many publications of hers.

I did have some 'bad moments' at work today and have one thing in particular that is upsetting me which I plan to take care of tomorrow. I'm going to try to attack them in my paper journal instead of here so I can just concentrate on the positive.

Clean room. (ish) Ready to paint (almost) Good Manga (want more) and as all Wednesdays are Bleach anime release days - it really was a good day to start.




Today I feel I made some real progress in tacking some of the obstacles that have been in the way of my creativit - painting/drawing etc. Basically I cleaned house. I spent most of my time washing/drying/putting away and sorting out clothes that could go to charity shops. I'm hoping to get our current wardrobe down to a nice mangangable amount of clothes that are practical and fit both of us. We aren't people to purchase a lot of clothes but over the years we've just not been good at sorting out the ones that need to go. That is one goal I'm currently tackling.

The second goal was to clean and rearrange my manga/art/sewing room. That one room is pretty much just full of all the things that make me me - if you know what I mean. I started by sorting out magazines to throw away (recycle of course) and bits and bobs that really just needed to throw away. I also started rearranging everything into a much more orderly fashion. When it's done I should have more room and better access to stuff. It's still not done but a couple more hours (or so) and I should be ready to sit back, admire and then paint. It was a big deal to me that I actually got a start to it.

One of the factors behind it was the attempt to stave off my depression bought about by my current ocd problems. I have to see the Psychiatrist tomorrow and I'm pretty sure he'll up my meds - which kind of worries me - and also the fact that I'm afraid I might have another huge panic attack this week. That would not be good.

Anyway my husband and I also made a roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner together today for Sunday lunch. It was really fun cooking together - my husband did most of the cooking because he really does enjoy it. Several times he shoo'd me off saying he'd take care of whatever task I was trying to do. It turned out delicious and we made far too much. Eyes bigger than our belly (in my case that's quite a feat!)

Also I found out quite by accident that Sean Michael had released another book in his Velvet Glove series - Velvet Blade. I downloaded it immediately and am almost a third of the way through already. It will be my companion at the hospital tomorrow as I wait between appointments.

Played a bit of LBP on the PSP and watched a couple of mystery shows. Didn't write in my paper journal today but that should be a good sign as I didn't have anything too intense to write.

Well until tomorrow - later!




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